"GPS" is honoured to be be considered for three awards at this year's International Filmmakers Festival in Madrid, Spain" Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film, Best Lead Actor in a Short Film, and overall Best Short Film! Congratulations to the Barn 11 team!!!
At our upcoming European premiere at the Fusion Festival in Spain, "GPS" has garnered four nominations: Best Original Screenplay for a Short Film, Best Cinematography in a Short Film, Best Director of a Short Film, and Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film. Needless to say, the whole team is thrilled about this. See you in Spain!
What an awesome time we had at the Milton Film Festival this past weekend. We saw our short up on the big screen, and a whole bunch of other great shorts and feature throughout the weekend. Well, we had fun, but what have we shot in 2019??? Get working!!! (l-r) Roben Goodfellow (Director), Ross Goodfellow (Director of Photography). Adam Nicholson (Actor). Jordan Heron (Actor, Writer,...
The raw footage is in the can, and it's time for the edit! Thanks to the actors: Christa Kries, Keith Siren, Adam Nicholson, Josie Rossi Cortina, and Jordan Heron (our Principal). And thanks to all the crew:  Roben Goodfellow (Director), Adam Smith (1st AD), Ross Goodfellow (DoP), Tyler Bowden (Camera Assist), Taina Makinen (PA), and Jordan Heron (Unit Production Manager). Once we've got the film...